Sculpture Line
Olomouc 2019

The next SCULPTURE LINE festival will again introduce you to sculptures and art objects of leading home and international artists in the "open air" gallery. Czech and Moravian streets, squares and other public spaces will decorate dozens of fine art works of famous and young artists from both, czech and from abroad.

The purpose of the exhibition is to enhance and enrich the public space, to offer a new look to cities and to the works of art, both for the inhabitants and for the visitors.

We invite you to the streets. Join the Line, enjoy the Line!


Smetanovy sady

Smetanovy sady, Olomouc


Lukáš Rais *1975

The metal sculpture of Noha (Foot) is typical of the author’s work, combining the fascination with industrial poetics with the rational perception of the outer world. The shape and rhythm of the sculpture leads one to reflect on the essence of the construction of the world, but also to taking a seat or crawling. It may seem confusing, but according to the author, both approaches lead (albeit zigzagged and shyly, however determined) to the same goal. To what precisely, the author leaves open to the individual mind of every observer, sitter, reliever, refiner, etc.

Art Lines Grapo Presbeton SK Véska Nezvalova Archa Olomouc Olomoucký kraj Ministerstvo kultury ČR

Horní náměstí, Olomouc

Ostružnická 4-38, 779 00 Olomouc


Veronika Kudláčková Psotková *1981
woven wire mash

„Euphoria“ is a gentle symbol of the closest connection between a woman and a child (between me
and my daughters) as well as the symbol of being on the same wavelength of shared well-being. It is
a capture of a brief, passing, but intense learning of new life. It is displayed using a visual and sculpturespecific airy form of spatial drawing.

Art Lines Ministerstvo kultury ČR Grapo Presbeton Nezvalova Archa Olomouc Olomoucký kraj SK Véska

Galerie města Olomouce

Smetanovy sady, Olomouc

One of the big heads

Kurt Gebauer *1941

Big heads or other heads like lightbulbs are my long-term topic. A human head is a mysterious object, it can glow with ideas, goodness and can be blocked by stupidity and aggression. By looking at them we can reflect on who we are. I've been making the heads since 1970s. Four of them (2 metres high) were showed in 2011 on the Jan Palach square, in 2013 in front of the National Library of Technology and at Landscape Festival in Prague. In 2016, some of them were destroyed by drunks in České Budějovice. It's all in our heads.

Art Lines Ministerstvo kultury ČR Olomouc Olomoucký kraj Grapo SK Véska Nezvalova Archa Presbeton

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